Need EOTC approval ?

EOTC Categories

To streamline the approval process, EOTC events can be sorted into 2 types:

                                               Trips in High Risk environments              Trips in Low Risk environments        

EOTC Approvals Pathway

Step 1. All Trips:

(Part A) 

Step 2a. High Risk or overnight trips. 
for all High Risk trip you will also need to fill in the following:  


or have your own risk management system.

Step 3. Liaise with 
EOTC Coordinator or HOD of OP

They will check your paperwork and if it is correct then they will sign off your risk assessment check.       

Step 4. Return a copy of Approval Form
and all documentation to Alastair Hose where he will take it to the next strategic group meeting. This will have to happen at least 2 weeks prior to your trip.
Step 2b. Low Risk Trips
       Give your filled in EOTC 1 APPROVALS FORM 
(Part A) to the  Deputy Principal. 
  This must be 2 weeks prior to event as it may need to be discussed in a Strategic team meeting. 

Possible outcome: Full Approval. 
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