High risk trips

Examples of current high risk trips

Year 7/8
Dunedin Museum trips
Pounawea Camp
Berwick Camps
Astronomy trips (Tekapo)
Ski Trips

Year 9/10
Year 9 Camps (Tititea)
Year 10 Expeditions
Year 9 Outdoor Activity Day
Ski trips

Years 11/13
L2 Geo Urban trip
L1OP Course
L2OP Course
L3OP Course
ILC OP Programme
L2 Bio Trip
L3 Geo Franz Josef fieldwork

Bluff Marae Trip
Spirit of Adventure Trophy voyage
DOE expeditions

Junior volleyball (Dunedin)
Maadi Cup


Events that involve risk which is assessed to be greater than the average family activity. These events require specific procedures to reduce or manage the risks.

This includes all overnight events.


  • EOTC Coordinator must endorse trip plan & risk assessments.
  • Final approval from Senior Staff.
  • You will need to have your EOTC paperwork sent to the [email protected] email two weeks prior to the event as it will need to be discussed in a Senior Leadership Team meeting. 


If your trip includes any of these characteristics then it is deemed as a high risk trip.
  • (including all) overnight accommodation
  • Activities involving water, speed or height
  • Activities involving wintertime driving.
  • Activities which are at a distance from Wanaka and can result in driver fatigue.
  • Activities which involve a large group from the school
  • Remote (away from phone contact)
  • Activities with low levels of supervision
  • Events at venues not previously used


  • Must have First Aider
  • Should have male + Female leaders for overnights (exceptions must be noted)

Consent and medical

  • Specific event consent needed (must be returned to MAC)
  • Request medical update (or separate medical form)
  • Print out contact and medical from Classroom Manager
  • Must take 1st Aid kit: can be booked out in advance from the office via Sam. 

Safety Plans/Forms

See the Forms page for a summary of forms required for your trip