EOTC Forms

Documentation required for your trip.



Low risk trips

High risk + overnight trips

EOTC 1 Approval

Part A

Part A + B

EOTC 2 Event/trip Consent Form med update

No (but parents may need to receive information about event)


EOTC 3 Med info and Blanket consent (low risk trips)

EOTC 3 is obtained at the time of enrolment.  It is here for information purposes only.

KAMAR med summary

Yes (all trips take KAMAR med summary printout) If it is a high risk then include your med updates from EOTC 2.

EOTC 4 Risk assessment

One has now been added to new EOTC1 forms (page 3)

No (refer to generic procedures)


EOTC 5 Trip Procedures (generic)

EOTC 6 Transport Procedures

Yes All leaders have read and understand

EOTC 7 Incident Management Guidelines

Yes Information for trip leaders

Incident Accident Reporting Form

Yes (if required)

Yes (if required)