Hints/tips & FAQs


Q1. What forms do I need to have filled in for my trip?

A. Check out the forms summary on the EOTC Forms page.

Q2. Why doesn't the EOTC Coordinator have more available hours?

A. This is the only time he has free periods and a free lunch time! However if you cant find him how about consulting the SLT EOTC Representative..

Hints & Tips

  • Have your paperwork done early, even low risk trips need to be check by the SLT EOTC Representative. and may need to be discussed at the closest SLT meeting.
  • Make sure you have subitted all the correct paperwork to the office via [email protected]. It makes it very hard (and embarrassing) for the office to deal with parents when they know nothing about your trip.
  • If you have borrowed any gear, first aid kits or school vehicles, please ensure that you return them promptly and to the correct place as they may be required directly after your trip.

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